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Moria – Left margin of [title missing].
Experiential-experimental-literature – Part of [title missing]Prose;
RED OCHRE LiT – excepts from Swedish Trees – A conceptual florae:
Three stages of mankind, an ageling;
Interview in the March Issue 2011.
Prathamata Revival issue / Number 1, Year 1: excepts from Swedish Trees – A conceptual florae
Asymptote – April 2011: Extracts of fruit. From Swedish Trees – A conceptual florae.
Maintenant 6 /// Reviewed here. And here. /// 7; 8; 9.
Lex-Icon Blog Project Post 26: Freke Räihä
Truck 12/6 -12, Page four.
Meat Confetti, #1.
Ygdrasil, A journal of the Poetic Arts09/12.
GOD. HobGob Press.
Poems from Nomos in: Paris Lit-Up 4; Luna Luna; Crevice; Osiris Poetry; Atunis;


M/V Arctic Sea in Over Yonder, an anthology by Rufous Salon/Rufous Press.
Swedish Poetry Nowadays (Dracopis Press, 2016, Kristian Carlsson, ed.).

Between Somewhere and Nowhere (Dominic Williams, ed.)


The Paris Journals, Anomaly Literature Journal, issue 2.