The concept of interception

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Masspoem series, pt. 4; 2013.
ISBN: 978-91-980903-0-7 (Press this to open.)


Nina Ahlzén, Ragnar Bergendahl, Per Blomqvist, Peter Breum, Isabell Dahlberg, Håkan Eklund, Penny Goring, Jon Henson, Mathias Jansson, Andreas Karlsson, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Diana Magallón, Jesse S. Mitchell, Lars Palm, Cecilia Persson, Tom Sheldon, Jonas Bengt Svensson.

The book was published, free but copyrighted, the 5 April 2013 e. v.

A view of the poets raw material could be found here.



Meta4 four masspoem4: the concept of interception

Ragnar Bergendahl says in the metaconversations of this that these are the “ … voices quivering beneath the raw pain of life’s injustices. Masses of cattle lowing quietly to themselves about their daily problems drone on and on, masking the sounds, the voices of your people … ” And that this work will aid in listening to the words themselves. Text on the other hand is our prison. Language is all that we see. It is thinking. It is objects. We are language. The interception is the reading and the cross road of humanity. But there is also the notion of the old zen riddle: if a tree … ; if none is there to read the text / watch the eye / love the heart / is it really there. It is not a question.

This project, as the former three, tree, has grown from the roots of lone entity in context – this context is manifest as a whole, as a hole in the, an entity it self. We are one that is to say. The need for deconstruction is done on its own terms. This is manifest democracy, as it is, explained with the crown of understanding the drive of a collective each enterpreting the laws of submission found at the time of construction and readily changing at the pace of the beat.

If we are prisoners inside the cells that we bear – convicts incarcerated – wearing our bodies as suits of spendour and communication and labour, we are the only real freedom. There is no transgression of the self, other then that of being a part of a collective. The superself. It is that which imprisons us which could be our means to the liberty we seek. We are the god of the world as the world is god and the roots of history is the stem from which we bear fruit and fall leafes. In this room which we bear, as part of other rooms, as part of a house, a city, the only world of which we know is a structure of hierarchy. The masspoem is an attempt to flatten the world, to engage the superstructure of text through the use of its decimals: the alphabet; we are the conversation in the silent and lonely forest. We are the falling tree. Language is the sound that we make.

Freke Räihä

Valentine´s day, 2013 e. v.

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