FRF LogoFibrilina (2014)
ISBN: 978-91-980903-3-8
Released: 14/2-14.
Authored by Jon Henson.

fibrilina_coverFibrilina, a poem, developed from an exercise Jon took up using a “magnetic poetry kit” program on an iMac in 1999, as a diversion from an analysis he was supposed to be writing of Shelley’s Alastor. As word tiles floated across the screen, they could be frozen in place and saved as a piece, creating a bundle of text that limited the vocabulary to be used in each stanza. Faced with Shelley’s inward eyes, the “I” of this work emerged as a dark coordinator of the words arrested on each screen. Charged with working through these isolated forms, he envisioned this solitary spirit, with ardor of hopes fully in check, brooding over the inability of the language to express thoughts, emotions.
Listen to Jon read the poem aloud.

Like an inspired and desperate alchymist
Staking his very life on some dark hope
Have I mixed awful talk and asking looks
With my most innocent love, until strange tears,
Uniting with those breathless kisses, made
Such magic as compels the charmed night
To render up thy charge

P. Shelley, Alastor; Or, the Spirit of Solitude (1816)

jon henson is jon henson is a the & a poet is it seems seams & seamlessly a sort of love poem to a someone is a jon & a henson is a poem which is poems are cellular & opening lacunas in phrases is where love enters is a window is opening is a door is a mind entering from the left not holding a gun

Lars Palm

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