Freke Räihä förlag

FRF LogoIn celebration of the struggle that never seems to end; few, if any, real improvements have been made the past generations/centuries – the FRF opens up for submission of text for publication. March 8 we welcome left-wing, intersectionally aware, female, queer and transgender poetry and May 1 we welcome any radical, likewise intersectionally aware, anarchist poetry. No collections, only book length poetry; conceptual work will be read and pondered. Prose will be deleted. Thank you for using .pdf.

A house of text; there is no submissions, we are a closed circuit. If you interest us, we will find you.

We do ePrints and sometimes other physical prints.

Edit: Due to the hightened stress of sent scripts, even though FRF is not in a position to accept more text in the everyday of its readers, I have decided that we do not welcome scripts at any or all time but if you are really eager anyway there will be a non-refundable reading fee of 100 money in your local currency payable though PP for which you could or could not receive one or more comments. Expect a rejection.

We are not interested in English, Swedish or Asemic. Danish and Norwegian is the language of the bordering countries. Multilingualism is a peach with a stone core, a seed, something to treasure.

All submissions will be sent in .pdf, all pictures in .png. The .pdf will contain the following metainformation in three separate files.

100 words about you and another 100 about your text.
1000 words about you and another 1000 about your text.
Your text, without mrs. spelling and/or other language flaws.

Text must be justified and in a serif typeface 10-12pts, no pictures in text-files. Mark their placing and send separate.
A .png of you.

All conditions are eligable for change or exceptions depending on the actual scripts inner workings.

If any of these conditions are failed to be met you will not be read. Reading could take as much as a year. We do not take on simultaneous submissions. You will be blacklisted in public for being a jerk.

[ Publicerar text på mer än ett språk; förlaget fokuserar sin utgivning kring kollektiva projekt och med publicering av dessa för allmän tillgänglighet. Förlaget kännetecknas också av en respektlöshet gentemot källmaterial för att låta trycken styras av förlagets egna visioner. Men förlaget är samtidigt en levande och dynamisk överenskommelse med blicken riktad mot sig själv och alla dess förutsättningar är tänkta att förändras och förändras igen. ]