Jon Henson

Jon_HensonJon Henson makes his home in southern New England (USA) and makes a living writing and editing training material for the elevator industry. When he’s not lost in the fog of the past or disquieted by the uncertainty of the future, he endures by embracing those he loves and staying present in the moment.
Jon Henson (1971) also curates the Selby´s list; enjoys Twitter; and is an adjunct professor at the Roger Williams University (Rhode Island) where he teaches kids Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition.

Fibrilina (2014), a poem; the persona to which the title refers arises from the feminine pronouns, the elemental proteins infusing the natural world with the promise of optimism and growth, however irregular and unsynchronized and fleeting. This text has been worked and reworked for years, and thanks to FRF, I can now share it with you, as I dedicate it to my wife, Jennifer, on her birthday, February 14th.