Matthew Landis

Matthew LandisA graduate of Richard Stockton College of NJ and University of Pennsylvania, but also a musician and play in two bands currently, as a keyboardist, background vocalist, composer, & arranger in The World/Inferno Friendship Society & fronts/writes all the music and lyrics for The Minor Arcana.

He also writes record reviews for (primarily metal, hard rock, experimental/noise). He lives in Vineland, NJ.

He has self-published a chapbook entitled Like a Moth from His Dead Mouth. Also a co-editor of the book Selected Essays About a Bibliography and have pieces which appear in it as well as pieces which appear in the book Blurb. Both of these were produced as a part of Tan Lin’s EDIT Series event held at the Kelly Writer’s House at the University of Pennsylvania and curated by Danny Snelson.

He has had poetry and criticism appear in/forthcoming from places such as Try Magazine, LitKicks, Critiphoria, Jacket, Jacket2, EOAGH, Wheelhouse, & con/crescent.

I think Amy’s description of Rainn is perfect. I guess I would add that at times I think it mixes fiction and prose poetry rather than being strictly fiction. That probably seems like an arbitrary and meaningless distinction, now that I think about it. It’s probably one of the things I most proud of having written. Collaborating with Amy was a transformative experience for me as a writer.

I should say something too personal? I have been diagnosed with bipolar II, Asperger’s, general & social anxiety disorder and spent a goodly amount of my late teens thru mid twenties on a lot of Lithium & Effexor. At the end of the day, I think that none of the above means much. Sometimes being a human being is just hard—but we do most of it to ourselves.
Twitter: @theminorarcana