Conceptual arts, a thought on socialism.

Thinking about the (according to Walter Benjamin socialist; in his essay on the work of art in the reproductive age) authentic photography presented not as a copy but exhibitioned as the, digital, camera with the image available for viewing through it. I’m thinking about this because I’m writing Logos | Korpus for the University of Lund.

Rainn-y friday.

The breakdown of [all] distinctions has made traditional conceptions of identity untenable: e.g. [humans] cannot be named, generalized, totalized around a particular set of features—because she is fractured by differences (Western/ non-Western; White/ colored; rich/ poor; lesbian/ straight/ bi-sexual/ transexual; …) that cannot be wished away -> Solution: feminists should give up the dream of purity, naivite, innocence and origin-ality.

Donna Haraway (1985)

Book is out soon, sending press copies. Send me something and I’ll fw: you a digital text (.pdf or .epub).

The cover of Rainn

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