Rainn-y friday.

The breakdown of [all] distinctions has made traditional conceptions of identity untenable: e.g. [humans] cannot be named, generalized, totalized around a particular set of features—because she is fractured by differences (Western/ non-Western; White/ colored; rich/ poor; lesbian/ straight/ bi-sexual/ transexual; …) that cannot be wished away -> Solution: feminists should give up the dream of purity, naivite, innocence and origin-ality.

Donna Haraway (1985)

Book is out soon, sending press copies. Send me something and I’ll fw: you a digital text (.pdf or .epub).

The cover of Rainn

Back cover Rainn

Project “Explanation model for ‘Virus'”.

As the words of smith grow like viral virium of reading ranting recklessness during a essayesque-like catharsis from the one and one book since them and you willing to decraft my craft, the construct of t e x t and/what or the only being and yes he said yes, now for this – Page four – from the project of building a model for explanation, for me, and for the I. Hopefully, if there is time.


Yes, there is a current undergoing, way, beneath. One of them is me translating one of the more exciting Swedish poets to English for you to the one time of me getting a poem accepted in an antology. This one spanning the corrupt politics of international waters and nonexistent equal justice for all concerned. That said, my next books to hit the persuasion-critics of the waters of e-darn would be a book about rejections. Rejections from literary magazines, funding, publishers and many more. It even holds a rejection from one of the co-authors. It i’ll be out in March or so – on Corrupt.

In the meantime … Yes, there is still snow; fire; the noise of Boy chiming and singing; pain of the gulliver and panic

Don´t worry.

Just say no.Also, just say no to authorizing anything. Power is always corruption.


This is my attempt to, since to many of my other wordconsumers are non-other-than-english-reading, write a communication in the second language. This is it. For more thorough disinformation read the real deal: http://anatematisk.blogspot.com/. I will welcome you to the new year with a paper trail of persona and corpus interruptus. But first read the digital posts above, the thingies called pages for reinformation of my work in the English language the year of poetry will follow as the dragons tail of theories.